Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Calgon Take Me....

Far, far away.
The baby won't stop screaming (she's sick), the house is a wreck, I have a stack of bills I haven't paid in like, a month...
I just told my middlest..."if you stick your fingers in your mouth again I'm going to chop them off"
nice Mama, huh?
He's FOUR years old, why is he still sucking and chewing on everything?  It's not like he was weaned too soon (15 months to be exact) or has been abused.  I'm tired of him always smelling like drool.

We just enjoyed a mini (very mini) Spring Break trip to the Valley of the Sun :)
It wasn't what I would call a vacay, since it was completely exhausting, still it was nice to warm up a little and see the boys play outside.  And the shopping, oh the glorious shopping :)
I will post a few pictures soon...

The real break that I've been dreaming of is a date with my hubs.  I would love to have one night and pretend like it's the old days, ya know?  We'd get dressed up, have a fancy dinner, go out dancing... just have a whole night just for each other... no interruptions.  I can't imagine anything more refreshing at this moment.

Happy Spring Everyone!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I just wanted to mention that theres nothing wrong with a little "me" time now and again ;)
While I don't need a fancy spa vacay to be fully rejuvenated, a trip alone to the grocery store can work miracles.  Yesterday I perused the aisles of my local natural food store a.l.o.n.e. and let me tell you it was amazing.  I stopped, I smelled, I tasted, I went back for seconds, I read labels, asked questions, smiled, pondered.  It was really quite lovely.
Some days a full-time nanny sounds heavenly, that's where my new found perspective comes in handy.  But ladies, seriously never feel guilty about taking a breather.  A friend last night told me how her hubs had left with the kiddies for the day and instead of getting things done around the house, she had taken a three hour nap!  Then read a book for an hour!  I know, how dare she take a break from her sleep deprived state when she could've been cleaning something or cooking something or folding something.  She felt bad about the whole afternoon and I told her not to feel bad one single bit!  That may have been the last long nap she gets for the next 18 YEARS!  Mamas, we are only human... which is why I am typing this and not delving into my daily chores.
Have a beautiful Sunday :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

A New Perspective

This week I have felt the effects of being a stay at home mama to three little birds... maybe it is the continuous flow of snow we seem to have, maybe the shortened days of school due to the weather and parent/teacher conferences,  maybe the  financial stresses we are facing right now, feeling in limbo, not knowing where or when the wind will blow us in a new direction.  I had a tiny bit of a meltdown last night.  Spring break is coming, you know, and it's not feeling very spring-like out and unfortunately we aren't able to head anywhere warm due to various frustrating factors.  I began going to a place I dislike most of all...feeling sorry for myself, being truly ungrateful for the many blessings I have been given in this life.  That is when I was lead to my friend Karen's blog... worryfreemom.  Sounds lovely, huh?  NO WORRIES!  Enjoying this amazing time I have with my little birdies.  Karen wrote so beautifully how society makes us believe we deserve and need ME time, maybe more than we do.  It makes us feel jipped if we don't get it.  She went on to say something that made so much sense to me... what if God needed more "me" time, what about our friends and loved ones?  What if they pulled away right when we needed them the most?  When I'm older and my little fledglings have left the nest, will I wish I would have had more "me" time or more quality time with my most precious treasures?
I have gained a new perspective.  No more pouting for me.  I have a life that is wonderful, rich in love and good health.  I have the best hubs on earth!  I mean it!  What kind of guy loves to help out around the house, plays endlessly with his kiddies and incredibly motivated in his career AND is a hottie to boot?  Sorry ladies, he's all mine :)  Sometimes we need a little pity party and then we get the tears out and realize... IT'S A BEAUTIFUL LIFE!  I need to cherish these sweet times with my babies for as long as I can.