Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Broken Wing

I guess it was bound to happen eventually, right?  Isn't breaking a bone sort of like a "Rite of Passage"?
Well, it all happened after our neighbors down the road moved away and left their giant trampoline behind.  I think I was just as excited to try it out as the kiddies.  It was only the second time they had headed off to bounce when my little toughie here, came down and landed funny on his arm.  Daddy and Grandpa heard the SNAP right away and then saw the dreaded deformity near his elbow.  Amazingly, this guy did not scream and cry.  He whimpered a little and said "ow, ow, ow" and that was that.  We spent the rest of the day in the ER mending the broken wing... a fractured ulna, which pushed the radius out of socket and stretched nerves.  No surgery required as of yet.  We go back in a couple weeks for more x-rays and the cast (right now just a splint keeping those little "green sticks" all together). 
I have to say the entire day I was cool as a cucumber.  This is completely due to the fact that my little man here was SO brave.  He had to lie in hospital bed for nearly 8 HOURS (with no food or drink) before they could take him back to fix the arm (reason being, they had to put him under general anesthesia and he could have anything in the belly).  I don't recall him complaining at all unless we moved the arm.  Daddy sat by his bedside and held it in place the entire time.  
I think, being the middle child and all, he was probably eating up the undivided attention!  And it got me thinking, this may be the first (and last) time this guy gets his Mama and Daddy all to himself for 8 whole hours.  So, I tried to soak it up.  Really, a blessing in disguise for a sandwiched kid :)

btw, isn't this just the prettiest version of this song you ever heard? 
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Angel Girl!

Hooray!  We made it through the first year... you are definitely a "spirited" little soul Avi and while our first year has had it's ups and downs, I couldn't imagine for one second having a life without my precious girl.  This is the girl I dreamed of my ENTIRE life and I finally got her!!  We couldn't be more in love with you Avi... Happy 1st Birthday Princess!!
A carrot cake for our little spring chick!   Not homemade, but certainly organic ;)
A little lick on the tip of her finger...
The whole hand is much more appropriate!
And the #1 reason I love my one year old baby girl...
1.  You are a true GIRL!  And boy did I need a little girliness in the house.  From the time you were born, I have felt like I have a little friend by my side... a little bitty soul sista!  I hope we always have this connection.  I love you with all my heart baby girl.
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One year ago, a newborn baby... and now you are walking!  I wish I could stop time from this point on, (ok maybe from 18 months on).  
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Bunny Visits the Wild West!

Beautiful package from the Bunny
Mama and her darling girl!
Cousins!  The three muskateers here had a ball...
Look at this feast~ Sweet Potatoes, Deviled Eggs, Fruit Salad, Homemade Beans, BBQ Pulled Pork and Quinoa Salad... all organic, homemade and delicious!
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Eggs hide in all sorts of mysterious places...
Little Cousin Jadyn joined the hunt.  It was wonderful seeing extended family and lucky for us they are around the whole month!
Nice to see someone still doing well in this recession ;)
Oh look!  The Bunny put on quite the hunt this year.  Grandma Ann and Grandpa Ran's entire backyard was an Easter paradise, eggs everywhere, presents hanging in the trees and secret GIANT eggs for all sweet little bunnies.
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How could I leave out three of my favorite girls in the whole wide world.  I used to pretend my dear Cousin Kristin was my big Sis. growing up.  She really was like a sister to me and took me everywhere.  We were so blessed to have Kristin and her three girls (Lindsay and Sierra here) at Easter this year.  They are all amazing girls!
Ok, not at my house, because we live in the Arctic, BUT in some places it is Spring!  Just had to capture these gorgeous desert blooms
More backyard paradise...
Grandma Ann and Grandpa Ran with their little bunny :)
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Secret Life of a Stay Home Mama...

When the Daddy comes home from a long day in the business world and asks "what'd you guys do all day?"  well, here ya go.  We made LOTS of messes, had an array of healthy snacks, changed diapers and washed, washed, washed.  The best thing of all about our days is something I could never get a picture of... it's watching these little people interact with each other, all of the snuggles and funny things they say.  Those are the most important things that fill my day and those things make being a stay home mama all worth it.
Just another mess in paradise ;)
One of the many moments I am about to fish something small and hazardous out of the mouths of babes...
I LOVE whoever invented Legos.  They keep these little hands busy for hours on end!
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Mama, Look Sunshine!

See how happy my little birdies are in the beautiful warm sun with all of the lovely green foliage surrounding them?  I heart the Valley.  This was our spring break escape and boy did we ever soak up every last drop!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Give Me The Meaning!

Challenges make life interesting, however, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. 
- Mark Twain

I love this one.  I feel like lately life has thrown me a series of valuable lessons in super sonic speed succession.  I guess all I can say is thank you?

Pics. coming soon... camera cord temporarily vanished.