Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Angel Girl!

Hooray!  We made it through the first year... you are definitely a "spirited" little soul Avi and while our first year has had it's ups and downs, I couldn't imagine for one second having a life without my precious girl.  This is the girl I dreamed of my ENTIRE life and I finally got her!!  We couldn't be more in love with you Avi... Happy 1st Birthday Princess!!
A carrot cake for our little spring chick!   Not homemade, but certainly organic ;)
A little lick on the tip of her finger...
The whole hand is much more appropriate!
And the #1 reason I love my one year old baby girl...
1.  You are a true GIRL!  And boy did I need a little girliness in the house.  From the time you were born, I have felt like I have a little friend by my side... a little bitty soul sista!  I hope we always have this connection.  I love you with all my heart baby girl.
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1 comment:

stephanie said...

oh my! could she be any cuter?

and those eyes! wow. better keep that one locked up tight through the teen years. :)

happy birthday.