Sunday, May 30, 2010

Murphy's Law

So, my birdies haven't had an accident in years.  And I haven't washed all of the sheets in years (just kidding Grandmas).
I finally got really motivated yesterday and washed all of the bedding, including bedspreads and extra blankies.
Last night at exactly 4:50 am, I feel Somebody's little wet undies slide into bed next to me.  Wonderful.  I get up to go check out the culprit's bed and sure enough, soaking wet.
This just happened to be the same night the babe decided to drop her new sleep all night habit of two days... is that a "habit"?  And after I had just bumped into a good friend and bragged about how well she's been sleeping.  And she wakes up 3x before 4:50 am.
Nonetheless, I am joyful.  Because guess what starts today?  The Farmer's Market!!!!  Our Sunday summer ritual!
Happy Memorial Weekend.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mr. Graduate

We attended Mr. Sory's preschool graduation last week. They did such a cute presentation for us parents... complete with dancing, songs about our great state and the turtle song. Congratulations Corkin, Sorenopolis, si si, sady bug! (I don't think we ever call him by his real name anymore)
We love you Tater Monkey! (no idea where Daddy picked that one up)
This little girl was too cute... No, not my little BOY, the girl next to him.  He's been mistaken for a girl so many times.  Daddy has threatened to chop the locks.
And this is how he performed... with the tassel directly in front of his face. I kept trying to move it and it kept reappearing front and center.
The cast came off just the day before, so he's holding his right arm bent. Slowly it's been improving and he's starting to write with it again. Maybe he'll become ambidextrous?
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Into The Wild

You can still be a girlie girl in the wilds, right?
Icy cold snow melt running through the canyon, but D braved it.

The pictures never do it justice. The canyon was brilliant. The view looking up toward the heavens.
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Grandma Ann and Miss A after the long day.
Looking for snails to take home to the fish tank... we brought a few home and the poor little things were all gone  within a couple hours.  Eatin' up by our notorious "Crayman".  Crayman, sadly died just a couple days ago.  He was about a year old and becoming very crotchety.  He left behind his sweeter cousin "Crabitha".
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebrations and Staples...(we know how to have fun)

This Mother's Day all I wanted was a day (or a couple hours) of peace! I wanted to be able to have a full on conversation with MY Mom. Lately, I felt like we had been ebbing a little instead of flowing in our usual way. I knew a quiet brunch would bring us back and it did. We had beautiful meal at one of our favorite local spots. I love my mom. She is so full of wisdom and I love learning from her. I'm truly blessed to have such an amazing woman to call my Mom!!
Here are three reasons I am a mama :) Three completely opposite people. Each a treasure. I'm so happy they picked me.
I just had to show how tall this one is getting... or how short I really am ;) I think he may catch up to me soon.
What goes on in this little boy's mind? There are many a day I wish I knew. All I know is, you couldn't ask for a sweeter soul or a bigger PlayDoh fan.
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My dear dolly... one spirited little being.
One little monkey jumpin' on the bed... he fell off and split his head! (sorry so graffic)
Well, to end our special day we decided to make another family trip to one of our favs., the ER. They must really love us there. Or think we are completely horrible and neglectful parents by now. So, D got his wound stapled. No numbing, nothing. Just a straight up staple to the head. I couldn't believe how brave he was. OUCH!
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

i heart ny 
I have a serious life long fascination with this city.  When it comes up on the news, I get chills.  Give me New York over sunny LA ANY DAY.  There's something about this city.  There's nothing superficial about it.  To me, this is one place on this earth where everybody, anybody can gather and be exactly who they are, no matter what that may be and always blend right in.  I love that!  I LOVE me a melting pot... one thing you don't get in a small mountain town.
It all started as a little girl with one show that completely captivated me... and it wasn't the super cute puppet faces.  It was this city!   Now please, nobody burst my bubble and tell that Sesame Street does not take place in NYC- yes, it does.
I've probably grown up in some of the most non-diverse places in the country, so when I see these dark- haired girls, speaking in beautiful accents, looking very hip and urban... I'm very mesmerized.
Guess what else takes place in NY?  Yep, my all-time fav. movie growing up.  I've probably watched this show over 200 times and no, I'm not exaggerating.  My lil bro and I spent many a summer alternating between Annie and The Goonies.  There were some days, we'd plop on the bed, armed with soda filled sippy cups (this of course was Grandma's house) and watch our shows over and over and over ALL DAY LONG.  This is probably considered child abuse nowadays or at least neglect, but thank heavens for the 80's and busy parents.

Yep, this one too.  I was head over heels in college.  Now if I would've only had the guts to go away to school in the city of my dreams like my girl Felicity.  I've considered renaming Avi "Felicity".  It means happiness!  And who wouldn't be happy in a great place like NY?
I heart NY.  I hope I go back one day.  But, I'm sure I would miss my prairie life if I actually fulfilled my dream and lived there.  I'm sure the excitement would get old.  Plus, ever since 911 and now with these other scares, I'm just a little terrified of the big city...which makes me feel like a traitor and a fair- weather friend, but what to do?  Sometimes I wish I was a  born and raised New Yorker, then it wouldn't seem like this big out of reach fantasy.  It would just be home.  And I'd have to live there because my family would all be there and I'd have to close to family, right?