Friday, April 20, 2012


My lack of posting does not mean to imply I don't love this little blog.  Life has been getting in the way.  To recap the last nearly half a year:
I now have a 3, 6 and 9 year old!  When Aviana was born, I remember thinking 3, 6 and 9- that's going to be a good year and it really is!  I think this may be may favorite year yet.  My birdies are old enough to do some really fun stuff, but not too old to do it without ME!
I started a Masters in Professional Counseling program.  It's been awesome.  I was a little intimidated about going back to school, but it's been easier and much more exciting than I imagined school could ever be.  I suppose this is due to the fact I am not being forced to take accounting, philosophy, statistics or any other lovely undergrad course.  I am getting to study what I love and that's people.
We are thinking of having our middle bird (the one who probably wishes he really were a bird) repeat kindergarten.  It's been a really tough decision.  I've done a lot of research and I feel like another year of kindergarten or maybe home-school may be our best bet.  My worst fear is that he would be forced to fit into some average American kid mold and the real little man we all love so much would be stifled.  I don't want him to change one bit.  I want them to change.
Today's weather is absolutely breathtaking.  I spend way too much time on Facebook.  Dylan starts tennis next week.  I need to be more true to my core.  I can't wait for summer.  I can't wait for monsoon season.  I can't wait to buy our home.  I love how hard the Hub works for us.  I am truly lazy compared to him, but he never says a word about it.  I am so grateful for this life.  I need to appreciate each day more and make it more meaningful.  The years are slipping away so fast.  My doctor just informed me a huge hormonal shift is normal at 35- fabulous.  I had eyelid surgery last month- hope I don't regret it.  Don't think I will.
Birdies, I love you more than I know how to describe and more than it appears some days.  I need to be more present, more fun and more appreciative of every moment I have you three with me.  As I said, these years are slipping away so fast.