Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kitchen Necessities

Do you have those things you don't go through one single day without using? I was thinking today about our staples... the stuff I put in everything. Lemon is a biggie. I add it to all of my soups, except my chicken noodle. Squeeze it into batter for a little zest. Add it to greens. I love that tangy, mouth-watering flavor.
Hmmm... garlic. I have always loved it, but my dear girl Sooz from Chinny and Poom got me especially hooked. Now it's in everything. If I can bake it, boil it, slow cook it- you better believe it's in there.
Homemade stock! Every week we buy a rotisserie chicken from our local natural food store. The kids snack on it all week and when we're down to the bare bones I throw them in the crockpot along with celery, carrots, onion and about 1/8 c. apple cider vinegar to help leach the minerals out of the bones. Fill with water and let it go for about 24 hours and you have the most delicious, nutritious stock around! Then I use it to make soups, cook rice, add to sauces, etc.
My most favorite olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Direct from so flavorful and not too bitter. Good for you!
Other things I use a lot of~ coconut oil, pastured butter, sea salt, plain full-fat yogurt and white vinegar... I think vinegar is the most amazing thing around.  Like a Jack of all trades- it does everything.  We clean with it, deodorize laundry, you name it!
What are your must haves?

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Biggest

My~ oh so very serious~ seven year old is suddenly an eight!! I think some may say this picture looks sad, but my handsome guy has a very serious side that I adore. And while he can be very silly and will laugh out loud at tv shows the rest of us don't quite get... it's this straight and thoughtful face that seems to draw me in. D's birthday was actually February 1, BUT I haven't blogged in about 14,000 years now. So, once again it is catch up time and so much catching up to do!

First, the eight reasons I love my oldest:
1. Well, as I already stated the serious, logical side. Kind of that engineer mind, which is so opposite me and probably why I so admire it so much.
2. I love watching D explain things to his little brother and sister.... he's very patient (usually) and very thorough.
3. He is very detail oriented...
4. Which makes him an amazing artist!
5. He is a good friend to everyone. I have never heard him say an unkind word about anyone in his class.
6. He is especially loving to his very best buddies, they hug, have nicknames for each other, it's very cute to watch them together.
7. He's a great eater and has been since he started solids! Very adventurous in the kitchen... nothin' makes a mama more proud!
8. And last, but certainly not least- he is a rule follower- to the T. I really hope this one lasts. Sometimes I even want him to lighten up a little with it (as I tend to be a bender), BUT secretly I hope it continues. Makes my job super easier.

I love you to pieces Big D!! You have taught me so much!! Happy Birthday!!

Ok, now a side note... have you ever been to Well, I'm kinda getting into it. And let me tell you, it's been quite an education for my notsogoodwithfinancialchoices head. Things are changing around here. My mom, my sister and I are on our way to learning the financial ropes. I am quite excited about the whole idea that I could really understand this stuff and learn how to make some really wise choices for our family. We have really been to hell and back financially. We have come through A LOT, learned so much. I think it's time to start seeing what our money can really do!! Ladies, check out this site. It is very empowering, especially for stay at home moms like me that may feel a little uneasy about not bringing home any bacon. I feel like this may be my way of contributing, by growing the hubby's bacon, turning that salty strip into a Sunday ham!
I'll keep you posted.