Saturday, May 1, 2010

i heart ny 
I have a serious life long fascination with this city.  When it comes up on the news, I get chills.  Give me New York over sunny LA ANY DAY.  There's something about this city.  There's nothing superficial about it.  To me, this is one place on this earth where everybody, anybody can gather and be exactly who they are, no matter what that may be and always blend right in.  I love that!  I LOVE me a melting pot... one thing you don't get in a small mountain town.
It all started as a little girl with one show that completely captivated me... and it wasn't the super cute puppet faces.  It was this city!   Now please, nobody burst my bubble and tell that Sesame Street does not take place in NYC- yes, it does.
I've probably grown up in some of the most non-diverse places in the country, so when I see these dark- haired girls, speaking in beautiful accents, looking very hip and urban... I'm very mesmerized.
Guess what else takes place in NY?  Yep, my all-time fav. movie growing up.  I've probably watched this show over 200 times and no, I'm not exaggerating.  My lil bro and I spent many a summer alternating between Annie and The Goonies.  There were some days, we'd plop on the bed, armed with soda filled sippy cups (this of course was Grandma's house) and watch our shows over and over and over ALL DAY LONG.  This is probably considered child abuse nowadays or at least neglect, but thank heavens for the 80's and busy parents.

Yep, this one too.  I was head over heels in college.  Now if I would've only had the guts to go away to school in the city of my dreams like my girl Felicity.  I've considered renaming Avi "Felicity".  It means happiness!  And who wouldn't be happy in a great place like NY?
I heart NY.  I hope I go back one day.  But, I'm sure I would miss my prairie life if I actually fulfilled my dream and lived there.  I'm sure the excitement would get old.  Plus, ever since 911 and now with these other scares, I'm just a little terrified of the big city...which makes me feel like a traitor and a fair- weather friend, but what to do?  Sometimes I wish I was a  born and raised New Yorker, then it wouldn't seem like this big out of reach fantasy.  It would just be home.  And I'd have to live there because my family would all be there and I'd have to close to family, right?

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