Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great News!!

We are sticking around!  Pretty much the second I posted the last post we got wonderful news about Michael's job.  It's finally all coming together.  I am thrilled to be staying in my little town, in my little house, with my little kids!  Speaking of little kids, they are growing big fast.  Avi is now 3 1/2 months and rolling over, smiling, laughing, spitting (we think it's very clever), doing lots of tummy time, playing with "Pinky" her first dolly.  Soren is starting preschool in 1 month!  I can hardly believe it and he's been surprising me quite a bit lately with what he really knows.  This little man has had us fooled now for most of his life, but we aren't falling for it anymore.  He knows exactly what's going on and especially knows how to egg on Dylan... he's almost becoming a bad influence on his big brother!  Still, he's our most snuggley snuggle bug and as sweet as pie (99.9 % of the time ;)).  Dylan will be a big 1st grader in a month and for now is enjoying building massive, complex cities and machines with Legos, I swear he has an engineer mind.  He's playing soccer and says he likes it, although I'm guessing what he really loves are the junky snacks they have after each game.  Both boys did swim lessons this summer and really improved and both did a week long summer camp and learned some hip-hop moves!  We are headed for a quick vacation soon for a little R & R and SURFING!!!!  We are super excited.  I'll post new pics. soon... stay tuned :)

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Susie J said...

Happy Happy Happy for you guys! Love you. s