Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Daddy

Almost exactly one year ago, the man of my dreams and his three little birds
and yesterday the Hubs turned the big 4-5!

And what a day it was:

Wake up! Today we leave for vacation...
Pack up kids, clean house, make snacks, feed baby, water plants, feed fish, get lunch...
Confirm flight (oh, i'm sure it's fine)
We're off to the big city and then off to an even bigger city- yippee!!
It's 110 degrees in the big city. How do people actually survive?
Ah, nice cool air-conditioned airport. I love you.
Excuse me, m'am? Are you all flying to Chicago?
Why Yes!
I'm sorry all flights have been cancelled.
Jaws drop
Come again?
Bad storms in the windy city
Well, when can we leave?
Let's take a look... oh, how does Friday afternoon sound?
The hubs begins using profanities like I've never seen, not like him and highly embarrassing. He is the most serene man on earth 'till you get him in 100+ degree weather or an airport.
Baby exits the airport. Friendly stranger returns her.
Hubs gives me the look of death
Schlep everyone back to the car
Cancel hotel and car reservations
OK, let's just all relax and go and have a nice dinner before we make the journey back home
We're here! Yay! I'll get the baby
GASP.... there is poop ALL OVER MY ARM and it's melting in the heat
Well, at least we have extra clothes right? Change baby. Give sponge bath with hot wipes.
Food and cold beverage here we come!
Beverage in the lap, down the leg, pooling in the chair
Amazing waiters... Tommy Bahama's is the BEST
Survive dinner. Hey, let's let the kiddies play at the fountains!
Daddy, I have to go potty
Uh, just go in the water honey... it's ok. (really?? they need specific directions at all times. tell to leave his pants on and just go!)
My darling little boy pulls down his pants and publicly urinates all over poshy Kierland Commons.
Lots of looks of disgust... a few chuckles.
Time to go
11pm- home sweet home.

Happy Birthday Honey! I promise to make it up to you on your 46th.
We love you!!!!

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Susie said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Do not even tell me that you almost lost Cookie! She was almost a milk carton child...You almost lost the baby!!!???!! NOOOOOO! Ok, yeah, I think your friend babysitting duties are officially denied forever. Thank God for Friendly Strangers.
OK, so out of that whole post, that was the thing that I went back to re-read. Oh yeah...Happy Birthday Michael!!!!
Nice post Aubs.

lou said...

just to clear things up- i had my eye on cookie, but sometimes strangers like to be "extra helpful"
don't deny me!