Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Little Man...

is FIVE today! Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest souls in all the world. One day this guy is going to make an excellent husband. He loves to snuggle, gives millions of kisses, cries at movies, loves babies- sorry ladies, he is only five and he's already decided that Mommy will be his "Princess Bride" or Avi if I can't make it.  He's also a total toughie and can take his big bro down or any other villians on the horizon if need be.
Here are the top 5 reasons I love Sory:
1. He's an artist and intensely creative. He's got that artist vibe, you know those people that are just drawn to beauty? Whether that be in music, birds (does the Audubon Society need a new Pres.?) or a sunset or the way someone carries their backpack- he gets it.
2. He's got style and shirts with pockets are definitely out this season.
3. He's quick to hug and make up. It truly hurts his heart to have discourse.
4. He's doing awesome in school and has made some great buddies this year.
5. And the fifth reason... and maybe my favorite, he can always sense when I'm having a bad day or feeling a little off, probably more than anyone else in the fam and will never hesitate to just run up out of the blue and just put his face up to mine almost nose to nose, those giant oceany eyes staring into my soul, arms around my neck and tell me he loves me. Uber melty :)
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Lissa said...

kids are such a gigantic blessing! December birthday huh? And now it's time for Christmas! Have a good one!