Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why Raw Milk

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Here is just a bit about why we drink raw milk taken directly from this site .  I sometimes feel like I know why I do what I do and I believe in it wholeheartedly, but when I go to explain myself the words seem to escape me.  Such a frustrating thing.  So I was hoping if I put it down in writing, it would make more sense to you and me!  
"For over 10,000 years people have enjoyed the wide array of milk products, including fresh milk, buttermilk, clabber, curds, whey and a variety of cheeses. Never were these products pasteurized.
Over the past 70 years, Americans have been inundated with information about pasteurized milk that was incomplete. There was a time when pasteurization may have prevented certain pathogenic bacteria, introduced through poor handling techniques, from being transferred in the milk to the consumer. However, it was no absolute guarantee. The main success that pasteurization afforded the mass milk producers was a longer shelf life, resulting in higher profitability.

What They Didn't Tell You

While pasteurization may destroy harmful bacteria, it also destroys the beneficial ones. These bacteria are vital to a healthy digestive system and need to be replenished. It also destroys or compromises the vitamins and enzymes that make milk such a perfect food.

Modern Handling Techniques and Local Farm Care Eliminate the Need For Pasteurization

Pasteurization was promoted as a remedy to milk problems when low grade milk was being produced by "swill dairies" that were feeding the by-products of whiskey making to the cows. These malnourished animals were not able to create a milk that would normally have fought off pathogenic bacteria. To make matters worse, milk was collected in open containers and often handled by people who were ill. It was no wonder that it made people sick."

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Susie said...

I have been eagerly awaiting a Raw Milk post and here it is. I think you need to do a part two that talks about the absolute benefits of raw milk as well as the numbers that show how there have been more issues with pasteurized milk than raw. You sort of covered that but I remember seeing actual numbers somewhere. Great post. Neat picture.