Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Little Miss

Two year olds are easy to please.  Don't let anyone tell you anything different.  I think we tend to complicate things for them.  So, today it was all about my little Aviana! Nakedness, dirt, sunshine, water...

And of course strawberry pink birthday cake.  I think she inherited a certain big brother's sweet tooth.

And time to sit and check out the peels on her toes.  Yep, she's a fellow picker.  I swear, doing extractions at a fancy spa would be my dream job.  Maybe hers too.

A couple small gifts from family and one great big doll house when we arrived back home.  She was happy.  More than the big doll house, she loved the little people that lived inside.  More than the gifts, she loved the excitement we all felt watching her unwrap. 
 So many lessons I learn from these little birdies!
Aviana, you have added such an amazing new dimension to this family.  Your love of people, your little "mommy" personality, your sweet shy smile and your love of all things pink and shiny, makes us SO grateful to have you in our lives!  
Happy Birthday My Precious Girl!!

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