Monday, January 21, 2013

Summer In a Day

 Well, these aren't the prettiest and they definitely do not convey the warm beautiful day that it was, but we were able to make a quick escape to the Valley for a warm up.  I am just getting back into this blogging thing and trying to do it from an iPhone, with which I am sadly very challenged.
We jumped and jumped and jumped.  We bumped boats, golfed, and raced go-carts all with our faces pointed toward the glorious sun.  Soaking up every second, every ray, every ounce of that bright light.
 It's really hard to convey how much warm air is appreciated when you have either been stuck indoors or braving sub-freezing temperatures.  It's like you just can't get enough.  And I truly did not want to leave, but I'll take what I can get!
My favorite girl in this world and her "baby".  A flower she found on the ground, snuggled it up, and called it hers.  Funny, how girls have a mothering instinct about them right from the get go.  She cradled her baby flower through the green grassy lawns, in and out of stores, and out to lunch.  I sometimes find shriveled up "babies' in my purse or pants pocket at the end of a day.  She usually at some point will ask me to hold them for her and "be careful and make sure the boys don't get them".  And I, being Grandma, always oblige.


Nicole said...

ahhh! warm sunshine! and your littles are pretty adorable!!


Aubrey said...

thank you so much nicole!