Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Newborn Days Tired

That's what these animals have me.  TIRED.  For the last three weeks it's been broken sleep or up at 5:30am. every. day. including weekends.  At the end of the day, M and I are practically begging the kids (both furry and fleshy) to go to sleep, so we can hit the hay by 9 o' clock.  I am ready for this phase to be over.  Though, I am still glad we got these little animals.  They give our house a different energy (and suck the energy right out of me!).  They force us to go outside.  They force us to play and be thoughtful.  One of the best things about getting up at the crack of dawn is that the Hubs and I get about 1 hour of alone time before the human kids wake up.  That is super nice.  Almost like a date night.  Maybe I could name it "Date Dawn".  I miss my sleep tremendously, but I do love quiet conversation with my man.
This is only a short season in our life, right?  Soon the puppy and kitten will be grown up and then what?
Then I will sleep 12 consecutive hours and not clean up and poop or pee for an entire day.  Heaven.

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