Monday, January 19, 2009

Nudists, Nice Weather, New Babies (not in that order ;-))

I realized I haven't written a real post in awhile, so here's a little update.  The last three days have been marvelous as we have been able to get out of town each day and head to warm weather.  A hike with friends Friday, the Valley on Saturday (I was actually a little hot and it felt great :-)), and another hike Sunday with Grandma Ann and Grandpa Ran.  On our Sunday hike we happened upon a few little nudist families... lucky for us just the kids ;-)  The boys were a little curious for maybe a second, but never said "hey, why are they all naked??  can we get naked??"  which, is good because I would have said no!  I'm just not that free when it comes to being in the nake. There are some strange people out there... you just never know.  Today is a holiday, so no school and I think D may be fighting a little cold, so he's wrapped up on the couch right now watching "Go Diego Go" and of course, little brother is right by his side.  When D is home they are inseparable.  I hope it lasts when the baby comes.  I am going to need those breaks!  Speaking of baby, we just put curtains up in her room.  It's finally coming together and starting to look more complete.   Sometimes I walk by and just want to sit in there and stare at the pinkness!  I love it.  It's been so much fun decorating for a girl.  So much of it is stuff I'd pick for myself.  I really feel like our family is complete now that we have a girl coming... it just seems more balanced.  
I'll post more pics. again soon! 

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Tami N said...

I'm so excited for you guys. Can't wait to see all the pink you're get on Saturday! See ya then! :)