Saturday, April 11, 2009

Proud Brothers- Avi's first moments home...

Dylan and and his new baby sister.  He was so proud and so excited to finally have her home.  He'll make an excellent big brother to her.
Soren kept saying "she's so cute" over and over and giving her little kisses.  He thinks he's found a new baby doll.
Avi is a lucky girl to have such loving brothers.  She'll always be protected and cherished by them.
They couldn't believe how tiny she was.  They just stared in amazement!

It was so fun to see their little faces when we walked in the door.  I just had to share how excited they were.  It's nice they are both old enough to talk about it and Dylan especially understands and is so proud.  He took her picture to school to show his class his new little sis.!  Soren just wants to love her to pieces all the time (literally!).  I can't wait until they can make her smile and interact more.

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Susie J said...

Absolutely adorable! I love the pics. She is a little chubba wubba already. I can't wait to squeeze those cheeks. :)
Love the new background by the way.
I am blogging today. Finally.
Love ya,