Friday, September 24, 2010

They Do Mean It

So, I've learned since my last post that when older mothers say "enjoy this time"  they DO mean it!  It means enjoy the innocence of these years.  I guess as they get older things can get a little scary.  And who am I kidding, I used to be quite frightening myself.  My Mom has told me... "you think you have sleepless nights now?  Just wait until you have teenagers."  Great.  And she pointed out while they are lots of work when they are little, there is great comfort in knowing just where they are at all times and just who with.
 I can only pray my teenagers are more sweet and angelic like their Daddy, not full of teen angst, drama and complete madness like their other parent ;)
 I have learned recently that your brain isn't even fully developed until you are twenty five.  Which is why teenagers and young adults do such stupid things.  They are like toddlers with adult bodies and desires and more freedoms.  Such a dangerous mix.  Why nature has done this, I have no idea.
And so, I leave you with this:
Seven really is the best age.  I really would like to have my children permanently frozen at seven and thawed at thirty.

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Susie said...

:) I like the last line. Too funny.