Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day is Upon Us...

So, here's our "Cassawary" ( I have no idea how to spell that), but it's an Australian bird that's very VERY dangerous and can't fly and is as big as the teacher!!  The kindergarten class put on a darling and very informative presentation for Thanksgiving all about Australia.  They have learned so much and so have I since their teacher was in Australia for an entire year.
Smile for the camera.... DO IT!!
This one has thoroughly enjoyed kindergarten.  I give a lot of credit to his great teacher, who is always amazing me with her ideas for the class. 
I am so grateful for her this Thanksgiving along with so many other blessings... how do I even begin?  A baby girl coming soon, an amazing husband and two beautiful boys, relatives we never see who get to spend the holiday with us, the best friends on earth, our HEALTH and the joy of living in a beautiful, friendly community where we feel so at home.  Thank you, thank you!!  We hope you all enjoy your holiday and are able to be with  those you love.

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