Monday, December 1, 2008

Nature Babies

My precious little niece Miss Alyssa. She is the most active baby I have ever seen in my life! This was the one time she sat still.. just long enough to snap a picture, then she was off to explore!
My sister, Lauren and my sweet little nephew, Andrew. We don't get to see them enough!
The boys are going fishing. They used their sticks to catch leaves (fish) floating by and had a ball.
My handsome little guy with his fishing poles.
I thought this picture looked like one of those old fashioned boys like Tom Sawyer, just sitten' by the creek pondering life... or frogs :-)

We had a wonderful visit with all of our family and friends at Thanksgiving. We are so grateful for all of you! The visits went by too fast, but hopefully we'll be able to see my sis. and her babies again this spring.


Susie J said...

Your little niece is PRECIOUS!!!
Oh my, I wonder if your little baby girl will look like her. Great pictures. Especially the one of Tom Sawyer....or is it Huck Finn? :)

Johnnie said...

I can't believe Lauren has two little ones of her own. I can remember when she was the little one. We use to all do Gymnastics in your front room when we were in 7th and 8th grade. My mom still has a picture of her taking a riding lesson...years ago. Crazy...I feel old! LOL. All the little ones are beautiful! Absolutely Amazing!