Monday, December 8, 2008

Bad Bug, Good Bug

Our almost 3 year old little bug!  Happy Birthday to you!

I'm proud to say we made it to almost December without sick season catching up with us. This could be a record! We are now all in recovery from a number of not so friendly bugs. Soon we WILL ALL BE WELL AND FREE OF YUCKY BUGS!!! Tomorrow we are celebrating our littlest's birthday even though he officially turns 3 on Dec. 19th. These three years we have had with him have kept us laughing... and cleaning quite a bit. He is such a character and so mischievous, yet such a sweet little snuggle bug all at the same time. Looking at him you would never believe he was capable of the following: Bleaching our brand new master bedroom carpet with blemish cream, flooding our bathroom so bad that the water came out of our house and onto the deck below, coloring on nearly every surface of this house, cutting his pants with scissors, ripping apart any book he is left alone with, covering himself from head to toe with Mommy's VERY perfumy lotion and spreading it all over the bathroom floor and these are just a FEW of the highlights!! While he keeps us on our toes, I never known a more affectionate little guy. He's too cute... I can never stay mad too long. If I do seem frusterated he'll always say with his arms around me "Mommy, you happy??" How can I say No to that! He's my Mama's Boy and I love him to pieces!

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Susie J said...

Happy Birthday Baby Soren!!! We won't be able to call him "Baby Soren" for much longer since not only will he be 3 but his little sister will be the baby of the house. I love that you show your spunk little one! Never lose it. Life needs a few of us around to keep things interesting. :)
Happy 3rd Mr.!