Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowed In

Yes, you could say that.  This is the third day of school cancellations and while that may sound scary, I'm getting used to it and kind of starting to enjoy it.  I told D today that I was so happy he was home and I'll miss him when he goes back!  Homeschool anyone??  Luckily, Christmas break starts Friday and we'll have two whole weeks where we can just hang out, go shopping, make treats and snuggle by the fire watching movies.  My two boys had their "well child" Dr. visits this morning and both are WELL.  Both little string beans, but both as healthy as horses.  D shot up 5 1/2 inches over the past year and a half!!  I thought his pants had been looking a little short.  And my littlest continues along his own curve, but also grew almost 3 inches since his last visit!  We won't talk about weight... let's just say my kiddos grow up and not out.  One day they'll be grateful :-)  The Dr. suggested instant breakfast, but I think I could pour straight cream down their throats and they'd be exactly the same.  They eat a ton as it is!  My husband and I were the exact same way.  The third little bean in my belly is doing well.  I know I keep forgetting to mention her.  Sometimes I forget I'm even pregnant!  She's been kicking up a storm lately and my OB says she'll be just like the boys- a tiny little feisty thing!  I can't wait!!  The boys have both been able to feel her kick, which they loved.  

I'll post some pics. of our monstrous snowstorm soon.  We probably have about 2 feet out there right now!

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