Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boo Boos, Bows and Birthdays

It's rough being six!  Dylan has accumulated all of these boo boos in just the past week.  One bike crash and one skateboarding crash.  He's a pretty tough kid though, and loves showing off his battle wounds.
Foot got caught in the storm drain... luckily he didn't break it!
Road rash from a skateboard crash.  I think he kind of likes his new look ;)
Now onto something much prettier... is that the cutest bow you ever saw or what?  A gift from one of Dylan's teachers.  So sweet!
And last, but not least... Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!  Michael turned the big 44 yesterday.  He got the afternoon to relax and then pizza and cake for dinner.  What more could you ask for? He had a great day!  We love you honey!

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