Thursday, June 4, 2009

School Play

It's official-  We have a kindergarten graduate in the family!  To finish off the year Dylan's class along with the forth graders did a wonderful little play about saving a tree.  They put so much work into it, memorizing their lines and all of the choreography.  We were so proud!
Here they are performing.  Notice Dylan has a female admirer.
Dylan's mask he designed.  He played the part of a bird and a small boy.  The small boy part he was on stage all alone.  It was a special part and he did great.  No stage fright!
Our little Dancing Bird

This year has flown by.  I'm really sad to be leaving Ms. K's class.  She was a phenomenal teacher and I will truly miss her.  Dylan has learned so much.  He's doing math, reading, writing and completed some science projects this year.  We are ready for first grade, but will miss his sweet kindergarten class.  Happy graduation Dylan!

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