Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memorial Day Creekside

Our beautiful hike by the creek ended abruptly that day due to a thunderstorm, but the kids loved it and we soaked up every minute.  It was Gorgeous!  Dylan's is hiking in my nursing cover after getting soaked in the water.  Who knew those things were so versatile?
Our little adventurer testing the plant life along the way.
That's the face of a happy boy.  They always seem to be at their best when they can just run free outdoors.  Makes me want to homeschool... almost ;-)
Little Avi hiking with Daddy.  She was not in the mood that day.  She was lucky the storm shortened our day.  The rest of us could've stayed and played forever.
This was the only time Soren stopped long enough from his busy bug catching schedule for me to snap a picture.  What a cutie!

Memorial weekend was spent mainly at home watching thunderstorms roll in.  It was nice to take a short drive and have a little adventure to finish the weekend off.  

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Susie J said...

So cute! I love the "nursing cape". Ingenious.
The picture on the Bridge is so beautiful.
Frame it. :)