Friday, August 28, 2009

Conversations Part 1

So, I had the most wonderful conversation today with my six year old. He even told me I seemed like a sister to him. I told him sometimes I felt like a sister to him and wondered why God thought I was responsible enough to be a mother to three kids. I think he wondered the same thing ;) Then our conversation goes like this:

D- So, how did you marry Daddy?
Me- What do you mean?
D- Well I mean how did you get him to marry you?
Me- Well I thought daddy was very handsome and so I started talking to him and then I realized not only was Daddy extremely good-looking :) he was also hilarious, smart and one of the kindest people I ever met and we fell in love.
D- I know, EVERYONE loves Daddy. So, why did he pick you and not someone else?
Me- (laughing hysterically) Because I'M A CATCH! Why wouldn't he pick me?
D- (Looking confused) Oh.

I hope their honesty never fades away.

The other day Dylan asks "Mama, do we have allergies?"
I reply "No honey"
Dylan "Darn it!"
Me "What? Why darn it??"
Dylan "I really wanted 'em. Allergies are so special"

I'll have to remember some more. The last few days have been so funny! Maybe because my brain is like jello. Soren has said some really off the wall things too... I'm hoping they'll pop into my head soon. Call me crazy, but I even think Avi said mama!

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Susie J said...

Avi said Mama! I would'nt be surprised. Abs said Mama way early too.
I love D's honesty. So hilarious. BTW, on the fuzzy pics, check the mode on your camera to see if the Macro is on. Maybe one of the kids turned it off and it's not focusing before the shot. Everytime I read a new blog of yours I cringe because it makes me feel like a loser blogger. soon. but now i'm off to work. Boo! Call ya in the AM