Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Countdown to 6 Months!

I really cannot believe it has been almost 6 months since my beautiful baby girl was born. It's amazing to me how fast babies grow and change. Here she is tummy timin' with big brother. I think she's about ready to take off any second!
The boys taught her to wave "bye bye". They get such a kick out of getting her to perform for them.
I love you Soooooooooo much I want to squish you to pieces!
Mommy do you mind? We're a little busy here.
Buds for life!
And the ancient high chair. I thought it was the fanciest highchair around when I bought it seven years ago at Target. Now after browsing the newer models this one seems like it's from the 80's. How fast things change. Makes want to have another baby... almost ;)

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Susie J said...

Avi the little grown up baby. She always has the go getter look about her. She is going to give the boys a run for their money.
My highchair looks ancient too. Maybe in 3 years when I have another baby ;) I'll get a new one. Have fun on your trip.