Saturday, September 19, 2009

Randomness and Fuzziness

Aviana is 5 months old and on the move. She is doing a little bit of an inch worm/army crawl/roll to get around these days and she is so much HAPPIER. I think I now know why she was so fussy at 3 and 4 months... she was STUCK and this girl likes to GO GO GO :)
Dylan's self portrait. He's been photographing things all over the house and it's so interesting to see what he comes up with. Ah, the world through the eyes of a 6 year old.
Sory EATING... always worth taking a picture of that.
Swinging with Grandpa on the new playset they built.
And here is patio Michael and Grandpa Ran built. The yard is coming together. Goodbye dirt patches :)
Look what else I can do! I love my excersaucer and basically anything that let's me be upright and moving and able to see this wide world.
Dylan's first lose tooth!!!! He's waited so long for this moment. The funny thing is that his big tooth has already grown in behind the baby tooth. Our dentist friend says it's ok, but it completely freaked me out when he told me he had a hard thing in his mouth and it was TOOTH! It was WAY back there, but supposedly will move forward. I certainly hope so.
The Playset! The directions say this should take "two moderately skilled adults 24 hours"... try two highly skilled adults 48-72 hours. Randy was an architect for heavens sake! The kids do love it though and it's definitely worth a few weekends being eaten up building his monster.
I believe Dylan snapped this pic. as I was frantically trying to get everyone out the door in the morning.

And my pics. are still fuzzy. Getting desperate here. I may need a new camera :(


Susie J said...

Love the last picture. Soren looks so cute and then Avi's big eyes. I love it. :) The first picture of Avi is beautiful. What a dolly she is turning in to. :)

Tami N said...

Cute pics Aubrey. You might want see if your pictures look fuzzy somewhere other than blogger because mine look fuzzy on my website too but when I put them on Facebook, etsy or shutterfly they are fine. Just a thought!

lou said...

hmmm... thanks Tami. Strange, but I will definitely check that.