Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Fall Exactly Three Years Ago

Exactly three years ago, almost to the day, the Madskaggs took a little hike on the mountain to enjoy the changing fall leaves. Soren was not quite a year old and Dylan was 3 1/2. Looking back it seems like a lifetime ago and just the same it seems like yesterday.
Dylan, such a fun personality, always ready for a conversation, always ready to pose, never afraid to say what's on his mind. This year he had just started Miss Theresa's preschool class. We couldn't have asked for a nicer first teacher. Miss Theresa's nickname around our house was "Mother Theresa" because she was such a kind soul. Back in the day when school was sweet... sigh.
Look at the little forest creature I stumbled upon. Can we keep him??? Soren was, and still is, the sweetest, most cuddly spirit I have ever had the joy of knowing. Looking back at this picture I realize Soren hasn't changed a bit. Oh, he's a little taller and a lot louder ;) But, behind that stare is my same precious boy.

So, I decided to take look back. First, because my friend Sooz (aka bloggy queen) inspired me to do so. Second, because I wanted to see if all this picture fuzziness was me or blogspot
(it's BLOGSPOT!!) and third because many of these older pics. are just sitting on the computer and if I don't put them here, they may never be seen again!
Oh, and forth because I looked three years younger and less sleep deprived.


Tami N said...

I love looking at old pictures of my girls...but a word of advice - if you haven't already...back them up onto disks. I had my "back up" external hard drive crash and two weeks later had my laptop hard drive crash. Everything is going onto disks from NOW on. Luckily Jason was able to save everything but I had several sleepless nights of thinking I wasn't going to have the videos of my little girls first steps! (ok...sorry to ramble!)

You have such a beautiful family...miss you!

Susie J said...

Oh that Soren. I could eat him up. What a cute baby he was. Dylan hasn't changed a bit. Your little grown up man. You guys look beautiful in these pictures but I must say, you are cuter now. And no I'm not just saying it because I'm your friend. :) I'm glad your journaling your memories. Your kids will appreciate it.