Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back To The Midwest

We were fortunate to be able to head back to Michael's hometown in Illinois to spend time with Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Bob and Great Grandma and Grandpa Dentino and Michael's sister Aunt Jerri and Cousins Stacy and Riley! Here's part of the crew... impossible to get everyone looking at the camera a one time, but you get the idea. The boys had a blast and I mean BLAST! Bonnie and Bob are the sweetest Grandparents and spoiled the boys rotten with all the toys, sweets, movies and kisses they could ever imagine. Everyone needs to be spoiled by someone in their life and I'm so happy to have such wonderful Grandparents to build memories with. The boys with never forget this trip. I still remember my Grandma's house... the wonderful smells, the delicious food, cousins, cartoons. It makes me happy to know the boys will have the same great memories of their Grandparents.
Everyone tried to get Avi to look up, but nap time was calling and she was in no mood for a photo shoot!
Watching movies on the big bed they made on Grandma Bonnie's living room floor.
The Great Grandparents are getting older... in their 90's!!! And still going strong.... great genes. Soren is obviously ready to move on ;)
Dylan, on the other hand, eats up nearly every social situation. Here he is showing us his first lost tooth. The tooth fairy even knew where to find him all the way in Illinois. She is so smart!
Avi checking out Great Grandpa Dentino.
Avi let 91 year old Great Grandma Alta hold her for just a bit... made them both smile. I think Alta really wanted to keep Avi and kept saying what a pretty baby she was.
Rub-a-dub-dub... three Skaggs in a tub! The very same tub Daddy bathed in 40 some years ago!
One of the most fun things we did was explore the Discovery Children's Museum in Normal, IL. If you are ever in Normal I suggest you check it out. We voted it way better than the Phoenix Children's Museum. Here Soren is painting glass that you could then spray off and wipe down. So messy and So fun!
Mama and Miss Aviana at the Museum.
A close up of the missing tooth.
Making Pizza at the Museum.
Checking out the cash register.
The water feature was a kids paradise... water, buckets, splashing people... perfect.
A day of fishing with Grandma and Grandpa. It was beautiful. Didn't catch a fish that day, but it didn't matter, there were lots of grasshoppers that needed our attention.
Sory and Grandpa Bob giving it a shot.
Yay!!!!!!!!!! The great outdoors :)
The Midwest is full of VERY large climbing trees, something we don't have very much of out here. What a wonderful time we had. Thank you Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Bob. We love You!!

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Susie said...

Ahhhh. Looks like everyone had so much fun. Love the tub shot. Avi is just a beauty. Those sweet eyes.
Glad you had fun but glad you're home! :)