Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nothing Better...

than when a Mama is really losing it, to have a sweet 3 year old put their little arms around your leg and say..."be happy Mama, I love you". And that is all I need. Remember how I said things, emotions, change hour by hour, well even minute by minute lately. I need to drag myself out of this funk and COUNT MY BLESSINGS! The dishes and laundry will get done, the itch will go away, the baby will sleep.
In the mean time I just enjoyed a delicious turkey sandwich with my healthy little boy. My baby girl slept peacefully for a short time in her beautiful bedroom with a warm blanket to cover her. Soon I will pick up my oldest from school and drive my very own car back home where I have every amenity possible waiting for me.
Thank you Universe. I have much to be grateful for.


Livsmom said...

Amen! Great post!!

Susie said...

Thats the spirit!