Thursday, October 15, 2009


Goodbye Facebook, hello Picasa. I think I may have a new addiction. The amount you can do with this Picasa is endless. I made this collage and I just realized there's a little gap, but not too shabby for the first try! I love my babies. I hate sounding gooey, but seeing all of their little faces staring right at me is enough to make me burst into tears. I swear, if I were a more patient, less controlling, more go with the flow, less neat freak-ish, more get down and dirty kind of a Mama, I'd have million of these little angels around the house, but I'm not, so I don't.
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Susie said...

Isn't Picasa awesom?! Did you try to saturate any pics. I love this program. The collages are fun. Love yours. :)