Monday, October 12, 2009

Memory Lane and a BIG Milestone

Our little family one year ago. Children are a blessing and if you end up with a healthy family what more could anyone hope for? We are so fortunate to have kids and all the joy and many challenges they bring... sleep advice anyone??? My 6 month old who was sleeping through the night at 3 weeks (like 8-10 hr. stretches!!) is now not sleeping at all. What gives?
Also, exactly one year ago while Avi was happy in my belly, her little friend Kate along with her brother Will had just come into the world at 27 weeks gestation (normal is 40 weeks). Such a scary time, but as they share a 1st birthday I'm amazed at their strength and resiliency and that of their parents. I really have a hard time imagining what it must have felt like to not know whether my babies would be alive the next minute, to wonder if they are in pain, to see them so tiny and vulnerable (they were only about a pound and half each) and to have to go home at night without them, praying they would be ok until morning. Today they are doing well, off oxygen, strong and Kate is mobile and into anything she can get her little hands on. What a difference a year makes! Happy Birthday Will & Kate!!

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