Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall in the Aspens

Oh, how I LOVE Fall in this part of the country. When you get a warm spell in the Fall it's practically perfect. We knew getting up to the mountains without having to wear heavy coats and freezing our tails off was either now or never (or at least not until Spring, which around here is actually June). The boys were making a game out of catching the falling leaves.
A family shot. A feat next to impossible.
Little Av's, as she's been named lately.
My cutie pies. It was so sweet, as we were leaving an older couple approached us and said, "25 years ago that was our little family" of course referring to us and with big smiles and fondness in their eyes. All I could think was "awesome, in 25 years this means I'll be alone with my husband, just like this lady, enjoying the peaceful sounds of nature as we walk hand in hand through the forest to our very romantic and private camp spot... lovely."
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Susie said...

Was this today? I thought I saw your car. We were out for a fall drive trying to get Abs to sleep.

lou said...

nope, yesterday. brought my camera today and realized the batteries were dead! so sad, beautiful fall colors today.