Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's the Little Things

Awhile back on good ol' Facebook, someone had posted random little things that tickled them.  I thought it was such a clever idea.  It's so easy to pick out our annoyances (good ol' Facebook), but what about those little things that when they go just right they make life a little smilier?
Ok, here goes:
Before I go any further, let me just say my dear Sister-in-law had like a hundred things written.  I'm not about to compete with that!  Since I'm a beginner and all, I think 20 is a decent goal.
Ok, here goes:
1.  The quietness of my house when the little boys are off to school and my little miss is taking a long nap... ahhhhhhhh- it's so quiet I can hear the fridge humming.  Heavenly.
2.  Fun catalogs in the mail.
3.  Playdates that go really smoothly.
4.  Watching older siblings take care of little ones.
5.  Seeing the fridge full of food after just grocery shopping and sampling just a little of everything.
6.  When my mom brings homemade salsa.
7.  Freshly washed sheets.
8.  Freshly washed anything really.  Oh, especially a fresh washed car.  They always run better when they are clean, right?
9.  That point when all my nails are the same length, before they get super long and break.
10.  A good run.  The kind that makes you feel energized like you could go forever.
11.  Meeting a new friend and feeling inspired.
12.  Feeling really organized after paying bills, folding laundry, mopping the floor- you get the idea.
13.  Getting to see family and friends that live far away.
14.  When my kids kiss me on the lips and I can smell their sweetness.
15.  When I wasn't even expecting it to rain and it does anyway- especially if there's a little thunder mixed in.
16.  When I hear an old song that brings back great memories... "everybody wants to rule the world..."- he he ;)
17.  A great conversation.
18.  Feeling comfortable in your own skin.
19.  The way my skin feels after a really good scrub.
20.  Watching Grandmas and Grandpas love my kids- nothing better.

Wow, that was easier than I thought.  I guess that means I get to advance to stage two.  Maybe 30 next time.  Off to pick my crew.  Goodbye quietness.  Have a lovely weekend!

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