Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Was wonderful, relaxing and a perfect day.  We met my mom and step-dad for a little hike and picnic in the canyon.  The kids did great and had a blast playing  playing in the creek and running around barefoot.  Soren actually did the majority of the hike barefoot and about half of it on all fours as our puppy :-)  (they want a dog REALLY bad).  My mom and I sat in the shade with Aviana while the boys played and caught bugs.  The air was warm with a cool breeze and the smell of all of the new spring leaves down by the water was delicious.  It really was the perfect Mother's Day, although my mom and I said that as soon as the kids are old enough we are taking a girl's spa weekend instead!  Wish I had pictures of the day since it was so pretty, but I forgot my camera of all things.  Guess what else I forgot???  DIAPERS!  Yes, diapers.  I did not have even one!  What was I thinking?  We get there and Avi is already soaked and I have absolutely nothing.  My mom had bought me these cute dish towels and I was really thinking I'd have to test their absorbency out that day on Avi's little rear!  My step-dad saw a family with a little baby across the parking lot and fortunately was able to bum one off them and fortunately God was on my side that day and Avi did not poop at all until we got home, which never happens.  The girl is a poop machine! I was so embarrassed though, being that I have had three kids and forget a diaper??  And of course we are in the middle of nowhere and can't just go buy some.  I learned my lesson.  NEVER assume there are actual diapers in the diaper bag. 
On a lighter note, today I had lunch at a fabulous new place in town called Pita Jungle... SO GOOD and healthy too.  I could eat it for every meal.  Seriously, today I think might have Michael pick it up again for dinner.  


Susie J said...

The reason you forgot was because you have 3 kids silly! When the older ones are out of diapers it's hard to get back into packing that ole' diaper bag. This happened with Abby too. :) are not a stalker. Just a funny girl. You did make me think about putting a password on my blog though. :)

Crystal said...

There is a Pita Jungle in Flag now? Yummmm! Everything I've ever had there is delicious.