Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

We have had double our average rainfall for the month of May and our garden is loving it.  Right now we have several varieties of tomatoes, two types of basil (I love caprese salad), corn, cilantro (for homemade salsa, yum!), lots and lots of berries, pumpkins and herbs.  Should be a delicious summer :-)
With all of the rain we've had there are now mushrooms popping up everywhere.  Don't worry, the boys promised they would not eat them!
None of our trees bloomed this year again due to frost.  We didn't know when we bought three big trees that the flowering trees only bloom every few years.  I guess conditions have to be just right, unless they are old and well established.  So, our little flower planters around the house will have to do to make it look somewhat spring-ish.  Luckily, all this rain has made things suddenly take off!


Crystal said...

Maybe I should move back to Flag and be your babysitter and you can pay me in delicious fresh garden food! Yummm!

lou said...

I'd take you in a heart beat!!