Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who Are You??

I'm always curious who reads this.  I just put a counter on, so I know quite a few, but WHO??  I find other people's blogs so fascinating.  Not sure why.  To them I'm sure it's just the day to day normal stuff, but to me that is what is so interesting!  It's OK if you don't want to admit you are reading this right now.  I read many blogs of people I've never even met before.  I know, I'm strange and a kind of a stalker.  I find blogs to be a fun way of learning about people I love and especially about people I might never get to know in real life.  I love trying to figure people out. Maybe that's why I went into psychology?  Anyway, we are off today (for all of you who care ;)) to a playgroup and then time for some serious laundry folding (laundry seems to be my biggest issue these days)!


stephanie said...

fun to see your blog. your kids are SO cute!

Mackenzie said...

Hi! I'm Mackenzie. I work with Mike when he comes to Mountain Heart. I love checking out others' blogs and hearing about everyone's kids. Please feel free to check out our website: web.mac.com/flagstaffluries

Tami N said...

OMGosh...good to hear I'm not the only stalker of others blogs!! lol