Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fathers and Funnies

They've bonded. I think this little girl is going to be all about her Daddy in the very near future. As soon as she wakes up all we hear is a little whisper "dadadadadadada..."
And here's what the madskaggs have really been up to :) Yes, we sit at the computer and make crazy faces to pass the time. These are only a brief introduction. We thought about using one of these for our Christmas card. What do you think?

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♥Aubrey said...

Bwahaha...look at those pics of them in that mirror :)- Too cute lady.
Ahhh...another Aubrey!!! Luv it ♥ You're from AZ too...that's my hometown. Lots in common already. We MUST be bloggy friends. Here's to the start of a beautiful friendship hun.

Susie said...

Oh my gosh soooo funny! We do that too. The joy of MAC.
Love the pic of Daddy and Baby. So sweet. BTW, I was JUST on this Aubrey's site last night???? Random. Do you know her? So funny.
See you tonight.