Sunday, November 8, 2009


I have neglected to write for the past week and I now have to play quick catch up! Here are a few Halloween pics. We had so much fun this year at the festival downtown with Grandma Ann and Grandpa Ran. The shops all handed out candy. My favorite was the Emergen-C from Winter Sun. Someone's got the right idea with all of this H1N1 stuff around! After downtown, the boys trick-or-treated around the neighborhood while us girls sat by the warm cozy fire sipping tea and talking. I'd say the girls definitely lucked out this year.
D was a proud Army man.
Sory was last year's dragon last minute. Not sure what happened... as he was all set with his Bumble Bee the Transformer costume. Oh well, maybe BB next year?
And our little flower girl. This was such a last minute find. I'm just not that motivated or crafty when it come to my kiddies costumes. They wear them for a couple hours and then what? So, Happy Halloween everyone! Hope it was super spooky. Next year the ENTIRE madskaggs fam will be dressing up. No exceptions! All Star Wars? All Wizard of OZ? Hmmm...
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Susie said...

We are both a little late on the Halloween blog. :)
Like the new background. The lady that is THE Background Fairy, Karen is awesome. She also owns a shop called Fleurish. Glad you found a great background...except...I don't like when you scroll down you see that pin going through..kinda drives me nuts but pretty.