Friday, January 29, 2010

The Skinny (Part II of Part I)

Just a few examples of some good fats... full fat dairy. Delicious and nutritious.
The most important Cod Liver Oil. This one is a high vitamin butter oil/ fermented cod liver oil version.
Pastured Butter :)
A wonderful saturated fat, coconut oil. Good for cooking and baking. Unlike many other oils, coconut oil won't go rancid at high heat.
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Tami N said...

Thanks for all your great info. Miss you girl!

Flagmom said...

Is your coconut oil hydrogenated? I didn't get to read all the good info but the only thing I know to watch out for now it the words hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated (the bad trans fat) which can be in anything if you don't read the ingredients. It is sad when it gets so confusing people misunderstand and think certain things are evil. Looks like you have some great products I will have to try!

lou said...

absolutely NO hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil here:)
the coconut oil is 100% pure organic extra virgin coconut oil. you can find it at new frontiers. thank you for reading :)