Saturday, January 16, 2010

Three Little Words


... and that my friends has made all the difference.  We have had virtually no sickness this year, other than a small dose in October.  Now my Dilly Doo has a little cold and what's interesting is that he is the ONLY one out of all of us that is not regular with his CLO.  I gave him a big dose today and told him he better start taking it if he wants to be well!!!  Go here to purchase yours.


Sarah said...

Really? I've never heard of this except in Mark Twain-era. Is it gross? It reminds me of taking castor oil 5 times to go into labor...I can't even write castor oil without gagging...really I can't. (It worked by the way.)

lou said...

yes! people long ago knew what it took to be healthy. now with all of the propaganda from the drug and food industries, a lot of age old wisdom has gone out the door. go to the weston price link to read more. mainly you want your vitamin a levels to be 10x your vit. d in a high quality oil. the vitamin a&d combination is very important. long ago before vaccines, children in orphanages would take a spoonful of cod liver oil and little fresh oj every morning to ward off disease. i'll admit it took some getting used to, but i take mine in capsule form, so it's not too bad :)