Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Mini-Spring-Break-Escape

This may be the first little vacation we have taken that poolside=relaxation.
Typically, with three little birds, hanging out by the pool is fun, but also an exhausting, tension filled, heart pounding experience.
These guys are now almost 5, 8, and 11!  These are good ages.  They were able to safely and completely entertain themselves on the sandy beach, the three-story water slide, and table tennis.  We also saw some adorable baby ducks.  The Hub and I were able to lie in chairs, drinks in hand, and watch the excitement.  Daddy and our Little Middle actually both won 2nd place in the water slide speed contest.
We arrive.  I'm always amazed that we can drive two hours and find spring time.

Our very own "Vampire Kitty"

Table tennis championships

And hours of content sand digging

Until next time, so long beautiful paradise!
*The funniest part by far had to be when our Little Miss yelled out in her sleep at 3am "Oh ya I forgot, WHO WANTS TO WATCH FROZEN?!".  After all, it had been a  full 24 hours.

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