Monday, March 24, 2014

A New Found Secret

After 35 I noticed a shift.  My energy and patience were lower, my PMS longer and all over the place, and my overall feeling just wasn't as sunny.  It was like my body was finally saying, "enough already!".  I put myself through plenty of abuse over the years.  Some of it positive, like having three beautiful babes and being fortunate to breast feed each of them, and running races that were far too long, but oh so much fun at the time.  Some not so positive, like not putting the best things in my body throughout my teens and twenties.  I have learned lately to really listen to myself and tune in to what I need.  Hard to do when we have little ones demanding every second of our time....but, getting much easier now that they are more independent.  When I went to my naturopath, one of the suggestions that really stuck with me because it was so simple was "Seed Cycling".  Seed cycling may be the secret for getting myself back on track, along with a good diet, moderate exercise, and lots of sleep.  Here are the basics:
Phase 1:  Follicular Phase (Days 1-14) eat 2 tbsp. raw pumpkin and flax seeds
Phase 2:  Luteal Phase (Days 15-28) eat 2 tbsp. raw sunflower and sesame seeds
Simple as that!
Flax seeds I have to add to other dishes to get these down, but the raw pumpkin seeds are delightful on their own.

Raw sunflower seeds.  These are easy to just snack on.

Sesame seeds... these I have to put in a smoothie, stir fry, or oatmeal.  I only chew a spoonful if I'm desperate.

Our "woodsy" new kitchen.  I'm liking it.  And that is good since this is where I spend all of my time (or the car).

And my Little Miss.  My daily company and constant entertainment.
So, that's it friends!  Simple.  I never like to make things complicated or add undue stress to my life.  Life is is already stressful without adding more, right?  One more thing:  You can also add daily fish oil during days 1-14 and evening primrose oil during days 15-28.  But, sometimes I forget.  I'm not good at supplements.  So, I figure if I'm doing the best I can, that's ok.
Happy Monday!

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