Monday, December 14, 2009

NEVER Honk At A Tired Mama

On less than 5 hours of sleep, I bounce out of bed, shower, get dressed, dress my three little birds, make breakfast, make lunch, feed the littlest birdie and throw everyone in the car to get to school promptly by 8:30am.
I am tired, a little flustered, wishing I could go home and fall into bed.  I'm in the car line to drop off my oldest kiddo, I get out to hand him his belongings and give a kiss... that's when I notice some poor little girl has dropped hot pink snow pants on the sidewalk.  Yes, I'm in the car line, but am I supposed to leave pants there to be trampled and forgotten?????  No!  So, I do what anyone would do, I get out and get the pants and hand them to my kiddo to take inside.
Ok, for some reason it's WAY too embarressing to take someone else's snow pants into school and give them to the front desk.  So, I grab the pants, leaving my two littlest in the car line and run them in.  Takes me all of 10 seconds... tops.
I come back to someone HONKING at me to move!  Many inappropriate thoughts are now flooding my mind, but instead I smile and give and innocent wave.  I then proceed to peel out of the parking lot, making sure everyone in line knows... NEVER honk at a tired Mama!!!!!!!

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lance1215 said...

uggh... mean pple.. good job on the composure tho.. I'm impressed!